About Us

For almost twenty years Uvasys has been the product of choice when it comes to protecting grapes against postharvest fungal decay; thus, enhancing the transportation, export and storage of grapes all over the world. This market leading product came from humble beginnings and we are proud of the story.

Our Story

Once upon a time there was an idea that answered an important question: “How can grapes be kept fresh longer?”

This was a good idea because it made the export of grapes a lot easier and this would translate into money saved. Fortunately there were these two people who knew it could be done because they had the knowledge and could design the product. But having a design is only the beginning.

They needed determination to take it from an innovative idea to a useful product.  
And this meant a lot of heat in the kitchen both figuratively and literally!  Well, they delivered and now people can depend on us to keep their grapes fresh for longer.  Now the time is ripe to extend our fresh scientific methods into other fresh produce industries?

Uvasys continues to build on existing relationships in the international table grape industry but have taken the pioneering technology at the core of UvaSys into other fresh produce markets where we now develop innovative, premium quality products customised to markets such as flowers, lychees and berries.