• Observe good picking procedures – i.e. pick grapes at lower
    temperatures. Cease when temperatures rise.

  • Observe industry procedures with regards to packing grapes after rains – cease packing for 2 days.

  • Do not allow picked grapes to remain in the heat.

  • Pack the grapes as soon as possible after picking.

  • The higher the ambient temperature the quicker the stems and fruit dry out.

  • The packhouse temperature should ideally be below or at 20°C but not below dew point.

  • Use a liner in the grape carton to minimize moisture loss.

  • Place the Uvasys sheet on top of the grapes in the carton, shiny printed side up, as per instructions on the sheet.

  • Use the correct size sheet for the size of the carton and the weight of grapes packed. If in doubt, contact us.

  • A Uvasys Dual Release sheet is used if no pre-fumigation with SO2 occurs.

  • If the grapes are to be fumigated with SO2, then use a Uvasys Slow Release sheet.

  • Uvasys is designed to be placed directly onto the table grapes. However, if desired, a MAM (Moisture Absorbing Membrane) sheet or tissue paper may be placed on top of the Uvasys sheet.

  • Close the liner over the Uvasys sheet and seal the carton. This ensures that the Sulphur Dioxide remains in the carton.

  • Place in cold room (preferably forced air cooling) as soon as possible to minimize decay and loss of moisture.

  • Best storage conditions are at -0.5°C and 95% Relative Humidity.