At its core, encapsulated in a wax matrix, all of our products contain Sodium Metabisulphite, an inorganic compound of chemical formula Na2S2O5sometimes referred to as disodium metabisuphite. On contact with water (H2O) vapour, expressed as relative humidity,  Sodium Metabisulfite releases sulfur dioxide: SO2, the primary active ingredient of our products.

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Sulphur Dioxide, SO2, is a colourless gas that has a sharp salty smell. It is particularly effective as control against botrytis cinerea and also functions as a preservative. To note: SOis heavier than air and will always gravitate towards the bottom of a container or area.

For more detailed information on the chemical reactions, please take a look at our Research page page or click this button:

As soon as atmospheric water vapour makes contact with the Sodium Metabisulfite crystals, an autocatalytic reaction is started which produces the SO2 – sulphur dioxide – gas. Our Dual Release products are true dual release in that they will independently release time and concentration varying streams of SOfrom 2 distinctly different layers of the sheet. The below graph, based on Uvasys Green, clearly shows the differences between the 1st stage (fast release) and 2nd stage (slow release).

The 1st stage release is a high concentration of SO2 over a short period of time. This kills all active growing Botrytis cinerea as well as exposed spores. A CT of at least 100 ppm per hour is the minimum required to kill spores and mycelium of Botrytis at 32°F (0°C).

The 2nd stage release is a low and slow release of SOover an extended period of time. This suppresses growth and development of latent infections and also helps in containing the spread of mummified berries.


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