What is Lichisys?

Lichisys is a sulphur dioxide (SOgas) releasing plastic laminated sheet, used for the postharvest storage and transportation of Lichisys. The responsible use of SOgas presents a commercially viable method of protecting litchis from fungal decay caused by Botrytis cinerea.

The Lichisys technology is a pioneer in the SOgas generator field where the active ingredient is encapsulated in a wax matrix between two films. SOgas is gradually released at levels that effectively control the development of Botrytis cinerea decay during post-harvest storage without exacerbating other disorders.

How does it work?

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  • Lichisys consists of a sequence of laminated plastic membranes, each bonded by a wax layer containing precise concentrations, and particle sizes, of Sodium Metabisulfite: Na2S2O5.
  • The top and middle plastic membranes, sandwiches the Slow Release layer.
  • The middle and bottom membranes sandwiches the Fast Release layer.
  • At above 75% relative humidity an autocatalytic reaction is initiated, whereby the sheet starts releasing a time, and concentration-varying stream of SO2.
  • The Fast Release sterilizes the surface of the litchis, by releasing a large enough dose of sulphur dioxide over a 24 to 48 hour period to kill and eliminate any actively growing Botrytis cinerea fungal spores.
  • The Slow Release layer remains active for up to 120 days, emitting a low, continual dose of sulphur dioxide gas, concentrated enough to inhibit any superficial latent or inherent Botrytis cinerea spores from growing, but also low enough to ensure sulfite residues within the litchis remain safely below the legal limit of 10 ppm. 
  • The quantity of SO2 emitted is critical to the efficacy of the product as an excessive release of SO2 can cause bleaching while insufficient release may not prevent the development of Botrytis.
  • For more detail on the chemical reactions please visit the Research page.



Use the Lichisys sheet recommended for the corresponding carton size; refer to the below options table.


Line the carton with a perforated (ventilated) liner bag. The optimum ventilation type and size will depend on your unique combination of: Production area; Cooling systems; Post-harvest handling times; Pack type (loose, punnets, carry bag, etc.)


Fold open the liner bag once correctly positioned inside the carton. Please note: Lichisys needs a minimum of 75% Relative Humidity to activate and using a liner bag will also limit moisture loss.


Place litchis inside the liner bag. 


Place the Lichisys sheet on top of the litchis, with the printed (shiny) side facing away from the fruit. (We recommend not to cut or modify the sheet)

Use a MAM on top of the Lichisys sheet if you are expecting excessive condensation.


Fold the plastic liner, back, over the content of the carton, close and cool to the recommended storage temperature as soon as possible.


Please click on the download button for a PDF of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). You will be taken to the Downloads section of the website where a login is required to retrieve the document. A suitable PDF reader will be required. Please use the Contact Us page for specific questions.


Please find below the generic sizes pertaining to the product. We also manufacture alternative sizes depending on specific client requests. Please get in touch to find out if we already have the size you require available.

400 x 300 356 x 260 1000
500 x 300 460 x 260 500
500 x 400 460 x 350 500
600 x 400 530 x 350 500


For frequently asked questions pertaining to this product please click this link where you will be taken through to the FAQ page.


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